Semrén & Månsson are architects who create value. We know that great architecture enhances human well-being, make societies grow and is a profitable investment over time.

We combine long experience with fresh curiosity and want to be involved in and take responsibility for the development of a better society together with our clients.

As we see it, creativity is not merely about design, but just as much about the technical and economic aspects of a project. That is why we always work in close cooperation with our clients. And by identifying the most significant challenges and opportunities early on, we create added value that benefits the developer’s business and increases human quality of life.

To better understand our clients’ reality, we develop property ourselves. This way we can explore the most ingenious solutions and learn what is doable, empowering our ability to act in an advisory role to our clients throughout the entire process.

By mastering design, technology and economics we increase our opportunities to create value for property developers, but also for residents and the community at large.


Would you like to know how we, through thoughtful design, support our clients in getting better control over the building process and end-result?

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Design, Technology and Economy

A construction project can be tricky to complete. Building standards, regulations and appeals do not make it any easier. The developer’s role is getting more and more complicated. And the need for a long-term perspective, reflection and close cooperation is becoming increasingly important. By understanding property economics and real estate issues – in addition to creating great architectural design – Semrén & Månsson is an advisor with a holistic perspective, creating added value throughout all stages of a building process. With us, you will find solid practical knowledge and experience from a vast variety of projects and types of projects. In short; we know what is doable.

By understanding all aspects of architecture, we find more opportunities to create added value for developers, but also for residents. We appreciate sustainable values. Balance and synergies between design, technology and economy mean continually evaluating and adjusting to create benefits at all stages of a project. Like optimizing building space and material use, but also taking the realities of the construction into consideration, in order to ensure trouble-free maintenance and management and that the investment brings high profitability long-term.

Our holistic approach applies to both individual property development and long-term, large-scale urban planning. We have a strong ability in correctly estimating investment levels and plot ratios, which is crucial for creating real public benefit.

Winning through cooperation. The award-winning Avalon Hotel is the result of a committed developer, a dedicated hotel operator and an ambitious architect who wanted to create the right atmosphere from the inside out, from the outside in – from the guest's perspective.

Areas of expertise

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    Health Care

    Healthcare environments are complex and technology-intensive, but first and foremost, it is about putting people – patients, relatives and staff – at the center. We design everything from hospitals and specialist centers to laboratories and nursing homes. Read more about our projects here!

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    We consider the business guests' need for relaxation at the hotel as well as other guests' expectation of an experience. Avalon Hotel was awarded 'Most Beautiful Building in Gothenburg', and we turned a cultural heritage listed post office into Clarion Hotel Post. Read more here!

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    We design homes that we would like to live in ourselves. Based on location and the project's specific pre-conditions we work with all types of residential projects, from the initial sketch and planning phase to the final details. Read more about our residential projects here!

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    Sometimes we design an office from scratch, sometimes we will carefully restore a cultural heritage listed building. We use architecture as a tool to strengthen the corporate identity with the aim to create workspaces that support the employees as well as the business. Read more here!

Building In-House

In 2011 we unveiled ‘Danska Vägen’ in Gothenburg, a housing project done in-house, in order to learn through first-hand involvement and gain knowledge that will benefit our clients. And we have learned a lot from designing, building and administrating these 68 rental apartments that were nominated to ‘Årets Bygge’ (Construction Project of the Year). The resilient materials are all carefully selected – such as brick masonry façades, limestone entrances and oak kitchen cabinets, doors and mouldings. Thoughtful choices that result in increased quality of living, less need for repairs, as well as a more long-term sustainable economy. The project has proved that well-balanced investments in quality, will generate greater value over time.

We are currently planning various new housing projects where we are equally committed to tackle the economic and technical pre-conditions, as to the design-related issues.

Co-Founder of Building Architects

What is Building Architects?
- The association consists of 35 architecture firms that collectively aim to strengthen the architects' role in the planning and construction processes by also taking on the role of the developer. Sharing experiences about building in-house creates a broader understanding of the process as a whole and the reality of our clients. It helps us find the really ingenious solutions and guarantees that the buildings we design can always be constructed.

What difference can Building Architects make?
- In the past architects had a holistic approach which we aim to regain. If we look at other European countries, even as close as Denmark, we see that our colleagues work entirely different from us. They assume greater responsibility, which benefits all parties involved in the construction process.

What do architects learn from building in-house?
- By acting as developers ourselves, we contribute to an increase in diversity and variation in housing construction. In particular, our new insights add to the fact that we as architects can create added value for our clients. This way we can be the best advisor to the client throughout the entire process.

The association Building Architects was founded in the spring of 2015, with Magnus Månsson as one of the initiators. He has since then also been the association's chairman.  


We maintain a holistic approach throughout the entire process of a project. We aim for a rational outlook on the use of energy, material and other aspects of an environmentally compatible construction process. Whether city planning or other projects, the objective is always to reduce the environmental impact.

The emphasis in our environmental work lays within the operational part of our business, i.e. the commission with the client. We want to inspire and guide because this is where we can make a significant contribution. The right efforts implemented at the right moment of the design process generate holistic solutions that create added value for long-term management and for our environment. The buildings we design have environmental classifications from the certification systems ‘Miljöbyggnad’, ‘BREEAM’ and ‘LEED’, and additionally, we are a proud member of the Sweden Green Building Council.

Our quality and environmental management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. The system supports our day-to-day work and guarantees that our projects are executed in a structured and consistent manner.

To learn more about Semrén & Månsson's environmental policy, contact reception@semren-mansson.se.

/We want to inspire and guide, because this is where we can make a significant contribution/


We strive to be at the forefront of the development of computer-aided design with a large number of projects that are planned entirely according to BIM, mainly in ‘Revit’. BIM is as much a methodology as it is an information model, and our BIM department is continuously encouraging the development of skills and knowledge internally as well as in dialogue with our clients. The practice is adapted according to the project, the customer needs, procurement model and the scope of the analysis required during the design process. Clarifying problematic issues and raising questions at the right time gives our clients and us better control and a better understanding of the project.

We apply simplicity to everything we do to avoid disturbing the creative process, while retaining the ability to provide our clients with detailed information.