Another Semrén & Månsson project nominated for Building Of The Year 2019

Published 2019-07-05

The student apartments in the city block Forskningen were first. Now, Växjö's new landmark Icon is also among the nominees for Building Of The Year 2019. 
- Icon is an example of cooperation at its best. A bold vision that has become a reality thanks to many devoted parties, and now becomes part of Växjö's new identity, says Magnus Månsson, group president at Semrén & Månsson and a Växjö native. 

With its 67 meters, Icon is now the tallest building in Växjö, after the cathedral. The 37,000 square meter building holds around 4,500 square meter office space, 260 apartments of different sizes, and a high school. Add to that, a communal roof terrace, sky bar, spa, and gym with a terrace and outdoor swimming pool. The top of the tallest part of the building has a breathtaking overhang that projects 15 meters creating a distinct identity. 

- The L-shape and the overhang have been there since the very beginning, and the coloring has been inspired by the sporting surroundings with Myresjöhus Arena, the old ice rink, and Vida Arena next door. The red symbolizes energy and the gold victory, says Tobias Fasth, architect at Semrén & Månsson.

APP Properties are behind the project and had the vision of creating a unifying and grand hub for the new center of Arenastaden. Icon is one of 20 nominated projects in Building Of The Year 2019, where the winner will be selected on March 26th.