The city block Glidplanet 2 and 3 nominated for construction award

Published 2019-07-05

A city block with apartment buildings in Södra Ladugårdsängen, Örebro, designed by Semrén & Månsson, has been nominated to the Municipality of Örebro Construction Award 2018. The project is a result of the municipality's new approach with a flexible zoning plan and active collaboration between the involved parties, to create a more holistic city planning. 

Developers and architects have jointly created the city block's volumes and structure in the new district Södra Ladugårdsängen, with the basis in an ambitious design program. The city block Glidplanet 2 and 3 consists of one six-story building, one lower rear house, and two free-standing low-rise apartment buildings. The facades are made of light-colored brick with bronze-colored metal and green metal flakes, and all the apartments are equipped with a balcony. 

With its well-planned courtyard with a communal sauna and greenhouse, the city block has great potential to create a vibrant living environment and become an attractive part of the new district, says the building department in their reasoning. 

The contractors are Järngrinden Projektutveckling and Mjöbäck Entreprenad.