Expert advice: Close collaboration as a business strategy

Published 2019-07-15


As a development manager at Semrén & Månsson, Maria Persson is responsible for developing processes and operating methods with the client in focus. The aim is to create added value in the projects and meet society's need for better architecture.

- The digital tools work as a hub, but it is through constant dialogue and knowledge exchange between those involved in the project that we can get the best result. The goal is to create sustainable and attractive spaces that work just as well today as in a hundred years, says Maria Persson. 

These are her top tips for successful collaboration in a real estate development project.
1. Create commitment and a shared goal by formulating a vision for the project together. 
2. Identify and tackle the critical elements of the project at an early stage, having all competencies present.
3. Work closely with constructors and suppliers.
4. Get those who will manage, sell, or rent out the property on board from the very beginning.
5. Share! Increased transparency and openness leads to new perspectives and knowledge which we and the projects will grow from.