Expert advice: Get started with your digital clone

Published 2019-07-15

Get started with your first digital clone

It doesn't matter what type of business you run or how big your property portfolio is. An investment in digital infrastructure means opening up different kinds of properties and making them available in the city's general digital grid - the smart city. It is comparable to the investment of connecting properties to the open fibre network. It all starts with you adding a digital clone. See it as the digital representation of your property portfolio, and the work with it as the tool for optimisation and development. Initially, the connecting itself is the crucial part, that the platform that manages the data is scalable to different needs.

- This type of investment can be challenging. That's why we are gathering all property owners in a community that focuses on business development for its members. We are stronger together, and have higher possibilities to future-proofing our join business, says Petter Bengtsson, CEO at Zynka BIM.

Four things to keep in mind when you're about to invest in digital infrastructure:
1. Consider where you see your property business in ten years. A vision or thought of how you as a property owner can be an attractive player in the industry is enough. It will help you in coming up with a clear strategy.
2. Take control over your existing properties. A viable model for your current business will facilitate drafting the future core business for your new digital square meters. 
3. Start small scale, by systemizing and analysing the data you already have access to you'll be able to draw conclusions. That helps to clarify what information you're missing and would like to have.
4. Seek assistance from other property owners who have embarked on the same journey. It has never been more vital to share and exchange experiences; nobody can solve all problems on their own.

The start-up Zynka Digital Buildings is a community where property owners share a platform where they can take control of the new data streams. With a jointly owned platform, a critical mass can be formed much quicker, which facilitates an efficient digitalisation of the Swedish real estate management.

Petter Bengtsson