Maria Persson becomes new development manager at Semrén & Månsson

Published 2019-07-05

Semrén & Månsson wants to reposition the role of the architect and take on a more significant overall responsibility. Maria Persson is taking on the new position as development manager to lead and develop new operating methods and processes, which will create higher value in the projects.  

Maria Persson has been working as an architect at Semrén & Månsson since 2008 and entered the new position at the turn of the year. In her role as development manager, she is responsible for developing the firm's offer to the market and carry out projects that meet the needs of the industry now and in the long term. 

- My responsibility is to develop processes and workflows with the client in focus. With 250 colleagues, Semrén & Månsson holds a lot of knowledge, and I will work to channel and build on all good ideas. And to disseminate the information in the best way possible, internally as well as externally, says Maria Persson. 

One of the initiatives Maria Persson is pursuing is the development of ‘PlusArkitektur’ - Semrén & Månsson's name for a new working methodology where digital tools work as a hub for a closer collaboration between architect and client. The method was developed to create increased transparency in the process and to ensure the process from idea to an administrative object. 

- We work to increase the precision and create higher value in the projects. The ambition demands responsibility not only in terms of the architectural design and what it is meant to contribute but also for the business operation as a whole, says Maria Persson. 

Already at the beginning of the 21st century, Semrén & Månsson begun to build on their own account. Through their own projects, they are figuring out the truly intelligent solutions and how to further develop the collaboration between architect and developer; knowledge that has formed the basis for the new methodology. 

- With 50 years of experience, we have a strong foundation for taking on the future. Our industry is continuously changing, and we want to be part of leading that change. I'm very excited that Maria is entering the role as development manager and can see how it will make us even better as architects and strengthen what we have to offer, says Magnus Månsson, group president of Semrén & Månsson.