Published 2020-06-22

Many companies need to decrease their property expenditures. Meanwhile, the offices need to fulfil the requirements placed on the workspace of the future, meaning that property owners need to offer more flexible premises. This fundamentally changes the property market, but Semrén & Månsson's Omtag™ makes it easier and more cost-efficient to find the right solutions. 

There has been talk about how companies want to reduce their property expenditures and rent less square meters, but at the same time, require a more efficient and sustainable space. Due to Covid-19 and the recession, this need has become urgent. As a result, property owners need to change their offer to not end up with empty spaces which would hit them hard. 

Semrén & Månsson has developed Omtag™, a concept for tenants and property owners alike. Simply put, the idea is to adapt premises in a way that suits the financial framework as well as the business needs. Omtag™ is offered in three different packages, speedy, smart, and strategic - to handle both urgent changes and long term transformations. 

The concept evolved from needs we discovered with our clients, but also from large, global trends in the commercial rental and property markets. 

Flexibility is one example, which can refer to how quickly a premise can grow or reduce in size. There is also a demand for smarter contracts, the possibility to rent an office space in a business centre, co-working hubs, and a better ability to work from home. 

There is also a growing understanding of how we are affected by our environment. With premises that promote health, and where co-workers are given the right tools, the company becomes more efficient and more innovative, strengthening their business and making them more attractive as an employer. Perhaps it means a transition to working activity-based, or it could mean offering different types of services. It can also include smart premises, seamless technology, and environments that foster health and boosts energy levels. Anything that can maximize the performance of the company as well as the employees. 

From a sustainability perspective, the trend is moving towards decreasing the use of resources. With working activity-based we work digitally and more off-site, which reduces travel. By reducing the office space, we also reduce energy consumption. Also, more and more people believe that interior design doesn't have to be created to follow a trend but to last over many years. 

These thoughts are commonly expressed by tenants. For the property owner, it means having to increase the scope of their objects, from undeveloped spaces to mostly fully equipped business centres. 

These questions require a swift response, and with Omtag™, we're able to provide a relevant response. In the construction industry, the word 'omtag' means there's been an error that makes the project more expensive. Our format offers the exact opposite. Omtag™ is a well-thought-out method that swiftly resolves urgent needs, smartly adapts the premises to the clients' needs, and strategically develops workspaces and property portfolios. 


Find out more at: www.omtag.net