Peggy Deamer, Yale School of Architecture, Meets with Magnus Månsson to Discuss the Role of the Architect

Published 2018-12-21

She is a professor at the prestigious Yale School of Architecture in the United States and is researching a variety of topics, one of them being the development of the role of the architect. In addition, she runs her own architecture firm and is one of the founders of the organization The Architecture Lobby. Recently she went on a trip to Europe where she visited a number of leading architects in London, Paris and…Gothenburg!

Peggy Deamer is always on the move. She holds lectures, teaches and meets with architects from all corners of the world. During her travels, it has been brought to her attention that there is a growing movement in Sweden when it comes to changing the design process and the role of the architect. Since Magnus Månsson is highly committed to the issue, she wanted to meet with him to get a better understanding of the progress.

”I was going to hold a lecture in London and traveled all the way from New Zealand. That is why I wanted to take this opportunity to gather information for my research on how architects work in Europe. I visited Paris to find out how the structure looks like in France, and I came to Gothenburg for the same reason”, says Peggy Deamer.

Fredrik Nilsson, architect and professor in Architectural Theory at Chalmers University, had told her about how Magnus Månsson works to develop the architecture profession and the role of the architect. For example, by being the contractor of his own projects and by taking the initiative to create the organization Building Architects. After her visit at Semrén & Månsson headquarters in Gothenburg Peggy Deamer was both inspired and enthusiastic.

”My impression was that Mr. Månsson is leading the way for a stronger role for the architect which is not just relevant to Sweden but also for the architecture profession in other developed countries”, says Peggy Deamer.