Published 2019-11-15

The UN is holding an extraordinary climate summit this week, and climate activists are mobilising for manifestations worldwide. Meanwhile, Swedish architects are committing to the climate and biological diversity through the appeal Architects Declare, where Semrén & Månsson Architects is one of the driving forces. The message is clear: We need to act now, and to strengthen our measures, the company is appointing a dedicated sustainability strategist.    


- The construction industry is responsible for about a fifth of the domestic emissions in Sweden. Those of us who work in a regulatory field has a huge responsibility, but also the ability to make a difference. First and foremost as knowledgeable advisors, so that we together with our clients can create projects that are actually sustainable in the long term, says Anna-Karin Nilsson, who is stepping into the role of sustainability strategist.


Anna-Karin Nilsson has been working as a building engineer at Semrén & Månsson since 2016 and has in tandem also been responsible for sustainability at the Stockholm office. The new role of sustainability strategist means an even greater responsibility of driving the architectural firm's sustainability work, in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and in the recently established office in Malmö. In part by making sure sustainability becomes an even more significant part of business plans and strategies, but also through specific measures that create a basis for projects with positive carbon footprints.  


- Building our society must never be at the expense of people or our planet. It is simply not an alternative to go on as we've always done, we all need to contribute from the best of our abilities in the transition from a linear to a circular construction industry, says Anna-Karin Nilsson.  


The decision of appointing a sustainability strategist is a natural step in Semrén & Månsson's ongoing efforts in adapting to a sustainable future. Last winter the company signed off on the Roadmap for fossil-free competitiveness in the construction and civil engineering sector and is now a driving force behind the climate appeal Architects declare, which is launched by Architects Sweden. By constructing in-house, Semrén & Månsson has also been able to explore how solid material pays off in the long run, and how digital tools can optimise the process. 


- Studies show that the construction and real estate industry could cut their emissions by half by the year 2030, using existing technology. We want to challenge ourselves and the industry by using the knowledge that is already at hand while we drive the evolution forward. This is why we are appointing a sustainability strategist to focus on these issues, and why we are initiating the Architects Declare, says Ulrika Liss-Daniels, CEO at Semrén & Månsson Group.