Published 2019-11-15

Semrén & Månsson is strengthening their position in the expansive Öresund region by setting up shop in Malmö. The new office means a stronger presence in the existing projects, but it also facilitates further development in the area, where Semrén & Månsson’s projects have been growing in both size and number.

- Skåne is a brave, innovative, and leading region with a strong focus on sustainability. That's why it feels both natural and inspiring to open an office in Malmö, says office manager Tobias Landberg.

Tobias Landberg has been the lead architect and in charge of sustainability in the company's projects in Skåne. He is now moving from Gothenburg to Malmö to fully assume the role of office manager. One of his responsibilities will be to strengthen the presence in the region, where the demand for the company's services keeps growing. 

Semrén & Månsson Architects are already operating offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, St. Petersburg, and Stettin. The new establishment is one element in creating synergies between the different companies within Semrén & Månsson Group and more clearly positioning their joint offer on the market.

- Just like in Gothenburg and Stockholm, or architectural operations in Malmö shares the office space with Zynka BIM, which gives us collected cutting-edge expertise in both architecture and innovative digital solutions. Together we're able to offer our clients an integrative approach from the first sketch until the management stage, in order to optimise efficiency, profitability, and sustainability in the projects, says Magnus Månsson, owner and group president. 

Semrén & Månsson has been active in the Öresund region for some years now and is currently developing several big projects. For instance, an urban development project with a strong sustainability profile in a new district of Lund called Brunnshög, as well as hotel projects in Lund and Copenhagen. 

- The property developers in the Öresund region have discovered the advantages of combining architecture, business acumen, and digitalisation, and that's why we are growing there. We are continually working on increasing the precision and creating greater values for our clients through, beautiful, appropriate architecture with long-term sustainability, says Ulrika Liss-Daniels, CEO of Semrén & Månsson Group.