Semrén & Månsson are large-scale community developers in Russia

Published 2019-12-04

Maria Broman is the CEO of Semrén & Månsson International. Looking back at the previous five years in Russia, she finds that the architectural firm not only has established itself as a reliable player on the Russian market but also gained the respect of an office to be reckoned with.   

Semrén & Månsson has been active in Russia for almost ten years, and have developed hospital- and housing projects all over the country. Today, the office is represented in both Moscow and St Petersburg with a staff of over 50 architects, engineers and designers. By focusing on the human aspect, Semrén & Månsson has contributed a new view of architecture in their projects, which makes a significant difference in the Russian community developing. The company has become known to create architecture that adds several values on top of beautiful design or functionality. 

As architects, Semrén & Månsson wants to actively contribute to developing Russian cities where people can thrive and where they would want to live and work. In Russia, for instance, architects have not always considered it their role to create safe, green and inviting outdoor spaces. Also, the company's focus on energy efficiency, space efficiency, and sustainability are considered a relatively new phenomenon for many Russian clients.

- In Russia, we take on the role of a general consultant in the projects. It means we are responsible all the way from the design phase to the construction, which brings the client a sense of security in that the vision will actually be realised. This evolved role for the architect is something I hope and believe should be replicated in Sweden, says Maria Broman.