Semrén & Månsson makes their mark on central Moscow

Published 2019-07-05

Semrén & Månsson has won the competition for a prestigious project in central Moscow, where a 150,000 square meter residential estate with seven high rises and multiple residential areas will be developed with construction start already during 2019.

- We are very excited and proud of the victory, it indicates that Swedish architecture is emerging internationally and is a strong export, says Magnus Månsson, architect and president of Semrén & Månsson.

Already a year ago, Semrén & Månsson won the so called master plan competition for the exclusive residential estate which will be constructed in central Moscow, just by the Moscow river. The project’s 150,000 square meters - a surface corresponding to 20 football fields- include seven high rises, four residential areas, and a small-scale, exclusive district on the western side of the river. The latest architectural competition focused on the design of the area. Here, Semrén & Månsson won all three parts of the competition, competing against well-known, international architect firms from France, USA and Singapore.

- The contractor has very high ambitions for the project and is pursuing an international flair with a high architectural quality for the entire area. To take part in the development in such a central part of Moscow is a great responsibility and a fantastic opportunity for Swedish architecture, says Magnus Månsson, president of Semrén & Månsson.

- It is immensely gratifying that traditional Swedish export is now broadened with more extensive services too. Sweden have proud long-standing traditions with architecture in Russia. An example is the historical Hotel Astoria in St. Petersburg from the beginning of the last century, which was designed by the Swedish architect Fredrik (Fjodor) Lindvall, says Heinz Sjögren, CEO in the Swedish-Russian chamber of commerce. 

Once completed, the new residential estate will become a new landmark for the city, with construction expected to start already in 2019. An appreciated part in Semrén & Månsson’s winning project was the focal point being the people already in the design process. 

A developed role of the architect

- We believe that architecture should add more value than just beautiful design. It is vital that it also contributes to a city in which people enjoy living, that’s how we create vibrant societies. The scales must be adapted to the human factor, says Maria Broman, architect and CEO of Semrén & Månsson International.

Semrén & Månsson have been active in Russia for seven years, developing hospitals and dwellings over the entire country. Today, the company is represented in Moscow and St. Petersburg  with 50 employees which includes architects, engineers and designers. 

- In Russia we take on a role as general consultant for the projects, a working method which means us taking on all responsibilities throughout the project, from the planning stage to construction. This reassures the contractor that the vision will be achieved. This developed role of the architect is something I believe and hope will be something that Sweden replicates, says Maria Broman.