Published 2020-02-27

In the fall of 2019, Semrén & Månsson opened up an office in Malmö, and are now present in the three largest cities in Sweden. Tobias Landberg, architect and regional manager, explains more about what makes this office stand out in the region, and what the plans are for the future.

Things are going well for Semrén & Månsson in this area, what is that you're offering that was previously lacking in the Öresund region?
- Our biggest strength is that we are standing firmly on three legs. We have a long and solid experience with architecture and design. With Zynka Bim as a part of Semrén & Månsson Group, we are able to offer advanced digital services and tools. Last but not least, business know-how. We want to understand and adapt to the client's business, and make that the project's focus from start to finish. 

What does this focus mean for the client?
- It means we can help the client lead the project, from the start-up meeting until the finished product. We familiarise ourselves with the client’s challenges, and try to find the essence of what they are looking for. Instead of adjusting reality to our own wishes, we want to adapt the project to the client's business idea and their conditions. We act as advisors throughout the process, ensuring at an early stage that the product we create, together with the client, really is what is being delivered within agreed the budget and time frame.

- We continuously try to move the traditional role of the architect by taking a more significant responsibility and following along the entire process of the projects. That is what the architect's role looks like internationally, in Denmark, for example.

What is it like working in Malmö and the Öresund region?
- The region has both an international and local feel to it. It is an exciting combination that is both challenging and inspiring. For instance, you can sense the closeness of Continental Europe with the more substantial presence of Danish firms. So it comes down to the ability to adapt to and understand the local architecture while at the same time challenging it.

Semrén & Månsson is growing and about to move to a bigger office space. What else has the growth meant so far?
- I would say that it has gone a lot faster than anticipated, which of course is really exciting. We kind of see ourselves as a small office with big muscles, that enables us to take on big and complex projects. Even though we have designed several great projects in the region previously, we want our presence here to show that we are serious about our commitment in the region.

- We already have a couple of big projects underway, in Brunnshög, Lund, and Sjöbo. Both projects will demand a lot of resources, and we will most likely be recruiting throughout the year.

- To me, it's proof of delivery, that we know what we're talking about and that our clients appreciate what we do and who we are. It is something we are very grateful for.

Finally, any words about the future of Semrén & Månsson in Malmö?
- To be able to take on and manage more and complex projects, we need to grow. But we are going to do that in an informed and organic way, not rush into hiring with the risk of having to let people go later on. Just as we are a reliable partner to our clients, we want to be a reliable employer to those we recruit. It should be both thrilling and safe to work at Semrén & Månsson.

- We are, of course, also focusing on finding new projects and clients, and primarily on the Swedish side of the Öresund region. In the long run, we see it as a natural development to start looking into what we can offer on the Danish side of the strait. In Semrén & Månsson Group, we have a long experience with international work, from enormous hospital projects in Russia to prestigious projects in Sweden.

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