Published 2020-03-09

Semrén & Månsson are expanding in Stockholm! With a new address on Vasagatan 40, we're finally sharing the office space with Zynka Group again. With digitalisation, sustainability, and business know-how as the main principles, there is a steady, upward trend in the growth of the Stockholm office and its commissioned projects. Jakob Örtendahl, acting regional manager, shares his view on what makes Semrén & Månsson stand out on the Stockholm market. 

- Since 2006 we've been working hard on organic and longterm growth. As of 2010, our designs were being realised as finished products and several housing developments have received positive acclaim in Stockholm. I think many take that as evidence of our ability to deliver at all stages and to create value for the client and residents. Through the years we've made a name for ourselves in Stockholm, and have established relationships with many new clients. I guess our good reputation has been spread and we've become a well-known actor who delivers. 

During the past six months, there's been talk in the industry of a recession, and many architectural firms have had to let people go. We are going against this trend and are growing instead. Is the market wrong? 
- We noticed at an early stage last autumn that the trend was slowing down, which prompted us to shift focus in the acquisition. Although we've always worked with rental apartments, there's been an increase in the interest of our clients and simultaneously a decrease in the interest for exclusive tenant owner apartments. From having worked mostly with housing, we've been able to expand through more office and hotel projects as well as several urban planning projects. Our projects range from tenant owner apartments like "Ordonnansen bostäder" for Aros Bostad, to office buildings for PEAB. We've designed hotels for Choice, rental apartments for Wallenstam, semi-detached houses for HSB, and renovated Kungsgatan 57 for Axfast. This broad array in projects has simply made us less sensitive to the downward trend in the market for tenant owner apartments.

The last year we've grown with several new co-workers in Stockholm. How has the office developed these past 12 months? 
- We have new studio managers and a more efficient structure, as well as many skilled, recently graduated co-workers, which has created a good foundation for delivering great projects. We've also grown with specialist roles such as a new sustainability strategist, and an architect with special responsibility for processes and design strategies. The Stockholm office now also has a BIM manager and a business development manager for the Stockholm region. 

Tell us more about the move. 
Since we're now sharing the office space with Zynka Group again, we're hoping for even closer collaboration. Our new office also allows for future growth. We want to be able to hire more people and grow through projects in interior design, education, healthcare, and landscaping. 

Johanna Nordin, architect at Semrén & Månsson, has been in charge of the move and the design of the new office. 
- During the renovation of the office, we've used long-lasting material that complements the qualities of the premises. Besides, we've reused and, in some cases, upcycled, furnishings from our previous office. Definitely an exciting and challenging project, which results we're able to enjoy every day we spend in the office. It's entirely in line with our thoughts on economy, business know-how, sustainability, and of course, great design, says Johanna. 

A new office, new co-workers, and a strong position on the market sound like the perfect recipe for a positive future. Any concluding words, Jakob? 
- As I said, we're expanding what we're offering, and we're getting even closer to Zynka Group with all what that means for the digital offer. The future is looking really bright, says Jakob Örtendahl. 

Do you want to learn more about how Semrén & Månsson in Stockholm can assist you? Or would you like to know more about our projects? Get in touch with Jakob Örtendahl at, and he will tell you more!