Swedish design in Russian - Popular at Mipim

Published 2019-07-05

Semrén & Månsson's international operations received a lot of attention at this year's Mipim; a premier real estate event held in Cannes, France. Magnus Månsson, architect and group president, and Maria Broman, architect and CEO at Semrén & Månsson International, participated in several expert panels, assuming the role as visionaries. This was something that caught the attention of the audience as well as several Russian media outlets. 

- The trends we find on the Swedish and European market differ somewhat from the situation in Russia. We often act as pioneers in our Russian projects, making way for softer, human values that might seem obvious from a Swedish point of view. Meanwhile, we bring back to Sweden what we learn from Russia, for instance, really large-scale construction, says Maria Broman. 

Among the trends that were discussed in front of the international audience, was the fact that Swedish developers increasingly choose to design entire areas with a specific, desired target group in mind. More often than not, combined with new selling techniques, for example, by letting an influencer move in and show off the object in their social media channels. These things are still unusual in Russia. Russian urban development is leading the way in other areas, such as Moscow's decision to declare all grand, central new developments as international architecture competitions. A move that has led to a significantly higher quality in the city, and something which Gothenburg is now recreating on a smaller scale. 

- Working with one foot in both markets leads to a continuous cross-fertilisation, but it also makes the differences extremely clear. The projects we carry out in Russia can for instance impact people's quality of life in a way we can't really see in Sweden, where "everyone's already on board". With all due respect for trends, our mission is eventually about just that; adding permanent value that makes a difference, says Maria Broman. 

Today Semrén & Månsson have offices in St. Petersburg and Moscow, with a total of 50 architects, engineers and designers. The focus is on master planning, residential and healthcare properties, and a luxurious residential estate along the Moscow river in central Moscow as well as a 50,000 square meter hospital in Moscow stand out among the current projects. The company also has an office in the Polish city of Stettin.