Through to the next stage in the Kalmar competition

Published 2013-06-20

Semrén & Månsson has gone through to Phase 2 of the parallel commission for the design of a new hotel in Kalmar.

The municipality of Kalmar is intending to develop central Kalmar, and one of its wishes is to be able to use parts of the station area for premises for Linnaeus University and hotels, while also developing the present station environment in terms of options for bus and rail travel.

Skanska, in cooperation with Invest in Kalmar, has invited Semrén & Månsson to continue working on the parallel commission relating to the construction of a new hotel in the marina area of central Kalmar. Semrén & Månsson AB and Tengbom are the two firms of architects that have been selected to continue with the process.

The site is in a very interesting location between Kalmar Castle and the Fortified Town, directly next to the Öland harbour (marina), Linneaus University and the station area.