Published 2020-06-17

Semrén & Månsson recently made the strategic recruitment of two heavyweights in the industry, who will be working as studio managers in the Gothenburg office. Meet Susanne Kovács Österberg and Sverker Karlsson, the architects working for sustainability, social structuring, and health. 

Susanne Kovács Österberg comes from a technical and creative background. As a building engineer and architect, Susanne brings cutting-edge expertise in industrial engineering projects and office buildings, and a strong passion for sustainability. 

"As architects, we are part of shaping physical environments and can influence the choice of materials used. Therefore, we have a responsibility to create energy-efficient buildings with a focus on sustainability and our climate. For me, personally, this is a matter of course. During my time at Tengbom, I was working on the recently finalized project A Working Lab; the first large office building in Sweden made out of wood, in Johanneberg Science Park. I was part of the project during the entire process from concept to delivery. To develop a sustainable architecture and create physical environments that support our needs and add value to all users and visitors is something I feel passionately for. 

As a studio manager at Semrén och Månsson, I will be managing a team working to develop destinations and meeting places, commercial properties and spaces. It's an exciting role, of course, but I also find it very inspiring to explore how we can work even closer together within Semrén & Månsson Group. For instance, Zynka BIM can assist us in improving the measurability of our projects, and analyse data that can help us make the best use of a building. This way we can be even more productive and ensure the quality of our designs", says Susanne.

Sverker Karlsson has a degree in architecture from Chalmers but has also studied social studied at The University of Gothenburg, which makes his role as new studio manager focusing on health and learning a perfect fit. The team is focusing on community buildings with expertise in healthcare, education, and accessibility.  

"What I find so fascinating with the architecture profession is that we are able to get acquainted with the business ideas, and day-to-day work of different businesses. A crucial part of our projects is about creating clarity and direction in a process that is full of various important choices. The collective experiences within a specific subject area create a knowledge bank that strengthens future projects.

In the educational institution projects I've worked on, I've felt humble to the responsibility we have as architects. There are so many parameters to take into consideration when you're constructing or updating school buildings. You need to consider the perspective from a child's point of view, as well as the adult's, in order to create a safe environment for everyone no matter their age, gender, religion, or disabilities", says Sverker. 

At Semrén & Månsson Sverker Karlsson will be working both as a studio manager and project managing architect.