Published 2013-11-25

Edvard Lindblom, who's on a placement at our Stockholm office, was yesterday announced as the winner, together with Karin Hedqvist, of the Swedish Ceramic Tile Council's Kakeltävling 2013 (Tile Competition 2013) for students at colleges of architecture.  His proposal, entitled “Ceramic Reflection”, involves restoration and extension of a 19th century foundry. The judges gave the following reasons for their decision:
“The 2013 Tile Competition award for students goes to "Ceramic Reflexion". The judges were impressed by the flowing creativity of the authors, which has resulted in a substantial, comprehensive proposal which includes ceramics in a natural way, with a variety of functions. This solution is testament to their knowledge and keen passion. The presentation is exemplary, with a picture of the foundry with a magical glow, placing it in a natural position in the urban environment.”

Find out more about the proposal here: