Almedals fabriker

Semrén & Månsson started work with Almedal's Factories in 2001. The assignment was to clean, refurbish and complete the old industrial area and transform it into an area with a mix of offices and other businesses.

Together with building curators, we developed a plan for the improvement and a vision for the area's development. The concept is based on the preservation of buildings with great antiquarian value. Less important buildings face demolition and new buildings with contemporary architecture and structure are added to the area. After an initial demolition phase, the existing buildings were renovated one by one. Many details are recreated but many new additions are visibly modern and contemporary in design. The area houses various offices and businesses. Our interior design department, together with a number of tenants have taken advantage of the industrial nature even inside the buildings while at the same time try to create modern workplaces of diverse nature. Now the process of completing the area with brand new buildings will begin, finishing the transformation from an industrial area into a modern office and workplace area.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
4 000 m²
Product sheet