Art Clinic

After winning a parallel assignment to design a private hospital clinic in 2007, the project has moved on to an existing zoning assignment where Semrén & Månsson assist the property owner.

The property is located in the district Johanneberg that is of national interest. The corner plot at Eklanda Street/ Gibraltar Street has long been unused and is at the boundary between Johanneberg's classic tall functionalist building and the older residential city. The surrounding area is under development and with the connection from Kors Street to Chalmers there is the potential to enhance and develop the city. From being a vacant lot today, there is the possibility of finding a suitable transition in a 3-4 storey scale which both strengthens the streetscape and provides a back for the residential area at the very busy corner. The building is designed for hospital operations with clinics, care and surgery, but should have a general structure that provides premises at street level, and health care/offices in the upper floors. The building terraces down to the south and southeast toward existing detached houses. The project has high ambitions concerning energy conservation.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
4 000 m²
Eklanda Fastigheter AB
Product sheet