Borås University Library

Sweden offers a course for librarians which is held at the University of Borås. This is why a particularly large amount of time and effort has been devoted to the programmatic and ideological issues relating to this library project.

In terms of structure, this library will follow the concept of multiple geometric, well defined buildings linked together. The library will also constitute the façade of Allégatan and the end of it at Högskoleplatsen. The public area will flow into the entrance hall, becoming a kind of living room for the entire Sandgärd project. You can then go from this living room to the main communications system, and also directly into the library.

The books available at the library will be on display over a number of floors towards Högskoleplatsen. This cohesive mass of books will represent the epitome of knowledge and expertise, while at the same time providing unification for the entire college. Reading stations will then be grouped in open solutions around the books, to the west and north. Administration, training and group rooms of various kinds will be located to the south and east of the books.

The library will be plastered white and constitute a vital element in the brick and plaster composition of the entire area. For Phase One, the high-rise block and institution building will be made of brick as before, while the auditorium section will be plastered. The composition would be perfected if the students' union building in the Balder block were to do away with its metal cladding and be replastered.


Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
8 200 m²
Akademiska Hus
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