Brf Götheborg

Brf Götheborg is a small housing cooperative surrounded by water on three sides, at the far end of Eriksberg Dock. The counterpart of this six-storey tower block is situated on the other side of the dock, and these two buildings are referred to as "the port buildings" in the design programme for the City Planning Department. Walled gardens next to the water can also be found here. The garden at Brf Götheborg has a Chinese theme and still includes plants from the original garden that was in this same location when at the Terra Nova shipyard when the East Indiaman Götheborg was built. This is how the housing cooperative got its name.

The building and garden, with an entrance from the quay, are slightly elevated to prevent people looking in. There is a stairwell, with lighting from a roof lantern, from which two or three apartments can be reached. The apartments offer generous amounts of space and large balconies, terraces or outdoor areas.

The materials are dark, and the façade is covered with granite grey plaster and has a black granite base. The façade is covered with oiled cedarwood where balconies and terraces are recessed. Bay windows are made of façade laminate, and the balcony railings are forged. Large swathes of glass open up the apartments to face the water.

Västra Eriksberg, Göteborg
Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
2 900 m²
Product sheet