Brf Klätterträdet

Semrén & Månsson continues its collaboration with Veidekke in the brown field area of Gothenburg called Kvillebäcken. The site of this project is in the best position of the entire area, adjacent to the creek park and very close to the center of Backaplan and all its communications.

To give the residents of the house a unique feature we chose to design a building with a large, open terrace. Approx. half of the roof of the building is planned as a green terrace where the residents can associate, cultivate plants and even stroll along under the trees - the reason behind the name of the project “the Climbing tree“.

The building houses roughly 80 flats and is efficiently built up around two staircases connected by an access balcony. The expression of the building is an austere volume clad in white plaster. The withdrawn balconies are colored in bright tones, to brake the otherwise clean appearance. The colors reoccur on the access balcony where the facades are constituted by wooden panels. The construction of the access balcony also contributes to the elegant appearance of the building. Slender tension rods are cantilevered from beams on the roof top, carrying all the slabs which creates a light, hovering feeling without pillars.

Under the elevated courtyard storages, technical facilities, car and bicycle-parking are hidden away.

Kvillebäcken, Gothenburg
Gross area
6000 m²
Veidekke Bostad AB
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