Brf Sjöhamnen

Klippan is a very special area of Gothenburg that has several qualities for both residents and visitors. Recently a number of interesting new construction projects have contributed to making Klippan a good, modern and attractive residential area. We hope and believe that this project for KB Majorna can further develop and enhance this development.

Fundamental preconditions of the project have been to create a large number of apartments, of different sizes and types, to reach a mixed composition of resident. We have also tackled a severe noise problem, while trying to preserv the great features of the waterfront location in the harbour area of Röda sten.

The zoning regulations demanded a great portion of consideration for the hostorical surroundings on the site. The building combines a traditional brick facade and a steep pitched roof with a modern architectural design. The brick facade has several painstaking details that together create a holistic outer appearance. The inner of the staircases is left as raw concrete with sharp, matte black, forged railings - a detail that reoccurs on the balconies.

The apartments are open and light with their high windows. The interior is made up of solid materials with lime stone countertops and careful detailing such as floor to ceiling doors and custom made storage. All 34 apartments have at leat one balcony or patio.

Klippan, Gothenburg
Gross area
2900 m²
KB Majorna
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