BRF Sjöhamnen

’Klippan’ is an extraordinary area in Gothenburg that exhibits a lot of qualities for residents as well as visitors. Recently, a number of interesting new construction projects have contributed to turning Klippan into a nice, modern and attractive residential area. Our hope and beliefs are that our current project for KB Majorna will contribute to developing and strengthening this progress even further.

The essential idea with this project has been to create a large number of apartments of various sizes to reach a broad group of residents. We have also met the challenge of traffic noise with the ambition to maintain and use the qualities of the lovely waterfront location next to ’Röda Sten’.

Due to the area's cultural heritage values, the detailed development plan placed significant demands on the design. The building combines a traditional brick facade and steep roofs with a modern architectonic design. The brick façade has several beautiful details that create a sense of attention and demonstrates a holistic approach. The interiors of the stairwell are made out of raw concrete with matte-black, sharp forging railings - a detail that is repeated on the balconies.

The apartments are open and bright with their high windows. The interior is designed using solid materials with limestone countertops and elaborate details such as full-height doors and custom-made woodwork. All of the 34 apartments have at least one balcony or patio.

Gross area
2900 m²
KB Majorna