Campus Haga

Campus Haga with the Faculty of Social Sciences is located in two blocks in the district of Haga. These buildings were erected in the early 1990s and designed by what is known as Hagagruppen, with Vallgatan and Wallinders Arkitektkontor. At that time, the buildings were planned with vertical communication, with a stairwell for each institution. As part of the renovation project, this has been altered to provide more horizontal communication between areas. Semrén & Månsson has worked with detailed renovation design and interiors.

This contract involved everything from the top floor, where the institutions' offices, service office, conference facilities and staff rooms are located, to all types of teaching premises, restaurants, libraries, study areas, rest areas with cafés and student kitchens and, during the latest phase, a new main entrance. The new interior has been integrated with elements of the existing one. We wanted to create a contemporary indoor environment to support today's eduction in terms of function and character. Major emphasis has been placed on adding new environments for spontaneous meetings, group work, personal study or just periods of relaxation. New colours added blend in with the contemporary original colours which have been preserved in places.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
9 800 m²
University of Gothenburg
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