Clarion Hotel Post Interior

The transformation of Centralposthuset into a major high-class hotel will develop the area around Drottningtorget in a positive and substantial way in future. This project came into being as a result of a discussion with construction company PEAB, which in turn had been asked to assist in the establishment of a major new Choice group hotel. When asked what an appropriate location would be, the central station was mentioned – "but there's no space free round there".

We were working on Hotel Avalon at the time, so all the guiding dimensions and parameters for hotel projects were already in place. We took a walk around the central station, and the options offered by Centralposthuset became obvious. The sparse window shafts in the existing building were an advantage for building a hotel, and the large loading area offered plenty of potential for congress halls and new sections for achieving the required number of rooms.

At this time, we were unable to appreciate fully the complexity of transforming a central postal facility into a major modern hotel. Without the outstanding partnership of the Property Management Administration, the Traffic and Public Transport Authority, the City Construction Office, the County Administrative Board and the National Heritage Board, it would not have been possible to build 10 000 m2 inside a national monument and so execute the project. Since the day it opened, the payoff in terms of popularity and attention has shown that the city really did need a collective place in this very central location where people could meet up and spent time together.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
34 000 m²
Home Properties AB
Product sheet