Coreworkers is a communication and media agency that works with Employer Branding, Employee Engagement, and Talent Sourcing. Therefore, it was important to focus on the needs of Coreworkers' employees when Semrén & Månsson got the commission to come up with the tenant improvements in Coreworkers' office in the area of Östermalm in Stockholm.

Since the project had a small budget, it was crucial to concentrate on the most important things. The demand for quiet rooms and smaller-sized conference rooms was one of the main priorities. A box of plywood consisting of three meeting rooms became the solution for creating some privacy in the otherwise open-plan office. A room was created within the room!

The facility is spacious with exposed installations, which was something we wanted to take advantage of. Nature's color scheme and raw materials instantly went up on the mood boards. We also made use of the existing materials, such as brass and reused it in the design details. The plywood gives the space warmth, and the vibrant color scheme makes the conference rooms lively.

The contrast between the hard and soft, warm and cold, austere and homey creates a balance, curiosity, and playfulness.

Project architect
Lena Fagle
Gross area
475 m²