Frölunda Primary Health care Centre

The assignment with Frölunda Primary Health Care Centre builds on a political ambition to create better health through cohesive care processes between different health care providers, including Frölunda Specialist Hospital, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Primary Care. The patient should be in focus, and guiding principles of the project has been health and preventive care.

In order to make health care more accessible and visible, Frölunda Primary Health Care Centre and Frölunda Plaza have been linked together so that a common plaza could be created. It has a joint reception and rooms for more public activities and health information. The high plaza room facilitates orientation into the local health care center.

Frölunda Primary Health Care Centre provides a variety of functions such as health center, lab, many specialist clinics, imaging and functional medicine, surgical department, wards and a cohesive floor with pediatric clinics.

New construction and renovations are designed for both current and future needs by being flexible and functionally optimized. In addition to the well-studied care facilities, focus has been on the shared environment. With a high degree of sharing premises, efficient use of space is achieved and cross-functional rooms where different activities and skills meet are created.

Several atriums facilitate orientation and provide bright rooms. Inside, there is a large element of natural and sustainable materials; facades facing the plaza area are clad in wood. The exterior facades partially lend material from surrounding buildings and also adds a new expression with a large volume corbelling out with double glass facade, partially solar cell coated. At the top of the new building a large roof terrace is created.


Project architect
Anna Lund
Gross area
27 000 m²
Product sheet