This project is a proposed idea for a ground allocation competition as developed by the office together with Atrium Ljungberg AB and Einar Mattsson Projekt AB. This proposal includes the existing property portfolio and parts of surrounding building rights which have not been subject to detailed planning as yet.

The ambition of the project is to use diversity and variation to refine an encounter between the past and the future. The objective is to develop the area to form a dense urban fabric with a flow of people, profile surroundings and inspiring neighbours. Clear routes and target points will shape blocks and weave together old and new, forming an eventful experience for everyone who lives, works, tours and strolls through the area. Linking the cultural scene at Gasklockorna with the harbour and underground railway will place the Gasverket area along a natural line. A critical mass of homes and workplaces will create major flows – an absolute must for viable activities. The culture will help to develop a creative, dynamic environment. The Gasverket area will be bonded together with Värtan and Ropsten, while also welcoming Hjorthagen via shortcuts and a new urban street. The unique nature of Djurgården and the waters of Värtan will enhance the qualities of the area. The different times of day and seasons of the year will offer natural variations and attractions – for meeting up, enjoying a meal, shopping or having a swim. The underground railway and other public transport will provide a starting point for walks, working days and excursions, while also acting as a prerequisite for healthy, functioning trade.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Atrium Ljungberg AB, Einar Mattsson Projekt AB
Product sheet