Gråskär is a new hotel with a unique location at the end of the pier in Södra Hamnen in Skärhärm, which is located in the archipelago of Bohuslän. The hotel will be right next door to The Nordic Watercolor Museum and is planned to include a spa, conference facilities, and a restaurant. This investment will not only addresses the need for more accommodation in the area but also makes for an additional reason to visit Skärhamn. The design is inspired by the history of Skärhamn and its shipping and fishing industry. The design plays with the proportions of ships, masts, and cordage, as well as with the typical drying frames for stockfish preparation. Inspiration has also been drawn from the design of English piers which appear to hover over the ocean, creating a connection between sea and land.

In the area surrounding the hotel, locals and guests alike can enjoy the views and make use of the paths. The boardwalk along the hotel descends to the water on several locations which provide opportunities for swimming, sunbathing and docking boats.

Project architect
Tobias Fasth
Gross area
10000 m²