The building on the corner of the city block Hernhutaren on Kungsportsplatsen in central Gothenburg was built around 1860. It is a historical address where the owner of Meeths department store once lived. Also, the local newspaper GP's office and printing house were located here in the past. Semrén & Månsson has been commissioned by Wallenstam to design a reconstruction where the buildings existing tin roof is replaced with one of glass with a graphic striping that creates a modern, and bright office space. With a cohesive look and a clear connection to the original, the new roof becomes an addition with a modern appropriation that contributes to strengthening the identity of the building.

The project comes from the idea of converting the building to an attractive office- and commercial property, which through a holistic approach generates a low energy consumption. Interiorly, the new roof construction creates a bright office space that opens up towards the surrounding city.  The rear house on the building's inner courtyard is widened to optimize the space for the business which creates an interesting courtyard.

The project meets the energy requirements according to Miljöbyggnad with the level 'Silver' and is planned to be ready in the spring of 2015. The bank ’Danske Bank’ will occupy most of the building with a customer office on the ground floor towards the street Östra Hamngatan. The shoe store ’Karltex’ has already moved in and the pharmacy ’Apoteket Kronan’ will move in by Christmas 2014.

Gross area
3100 m²