Ice cubes in clear water

A luxury hotel in the most central, most prestigious part of St Petersburg, with views across the historical Field or Mars and just a stone's throw away from the State Hermitage Museum, the Winter Palace, the Neva, Nevsky Prospect (the city's main street) and other central sights. The old buildings dating back to the last century had a lot of character to preserve, but they needed to be supplemented with more space, modern comfort and energy-efficient solutions. We created the proposal called Ice Cubes in Clear Water.

A beautiful, classic building century dating back to last century, which had been used as LenEnergo offices but was now to be converted into a luxury hotel. Semrén & Månsson were involved in a competition involving client Plaza Lotus Group, which aimed to find out how this could look and function. We took flexible solutions in strong structures as our theme, uniting a rational flow with a strong sense of form and daring ideas and ensuring that hotel guests would definitely never forget spending the night there. 

Marsfältet, St Peterburg
Project architect
Maria Broman
Gross area
43 000 m²
Plaza Lotus Group