The Juvelkvarnen area at the old Eriksberg shipyard is part of the municipality's conservation programme. Semrén & Månsson has been working on this project since the early 2000s, when the mill was shut down and a transformation began, turning the factory into homes. This initiative resulted in exciting apartments with thick walls made of solid brick.

The mill began in 1914, when AB Mårten Perssons Valsqvarn constructed the first three buildings. These were taken over in 1925 by KF, which then ran the mill until 2001, when it was shut down. Semrén & Månsson was commissioned by JM AB to plan homes on the old factory premises, and construction began in 2005. As the long history of the mill, with constant redevelopment, had resulted in a very dense structure, some of the buildings had to be demolished in order to let daylight enter and allow homes to be built on the site. Two of the large brick buildings have been carefully rebuilt and fitted out with apartments of various sizes, adorned with brick façades with windows and balcony railings made of galvanised ironwork.

The first phase, involving around 260 apartments, consists of the preserved parts of the mill together with a certain amount of extension work and a new tower block. Brf. Kvarnen and Brf. Mjölner are accommodated in two of the original buildings dating back to 1914, which have been preserved and adapted. Planning is in progress for a second phase, which will largely involve construction of homes on sites which have been cleared by means of development and decking over the railway in the north. 

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
30 000 m²
Product sheet