Klippan homes

The Klippan Cultural Reserve is situated to the west, adjacent to the bridgehead of the Älvsborgsbron bridge. This area is utilitarian in nature, with tall brick buildings and steep tiled roofs. Klippan is part of a walking and recreation route extended from Nya Varvet to the west, via Rosenlund and on to Lilla Bommen in the city centre.

These condominiums have been designed for Klippans Kulturfastigheter and are situated between the ruins of the old Älvsborg fortress and Oscarsleden. These buildings are brick-built staircase entry blocks which tie in with the existing buildings in the area thanks to their simple, steep roofs. A row two storeys high, with an office/craft workshop made of timber, screens off Oscarsleden. In the courtyard between these three building formations are three tower blocks of a different kind, with pale plastered façades. The courtyard levels link with surrounding ground levels.

The primary motif in the apartment plans is a large room with an integrated kitchen from which the balconies facing south-east/south-west can be accessed. A spacious hallway in the middle of the apartment acts as a hub to other rooms and the entrance.

The steep pitch of the roof provides scope for a two-storey apartment solution. This makes this duplex apartment slightly larger than average. Dormer windows are set at the eaves and provide light to the lower level, while skylights provide light to the upper level.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
22 400 m²
Peab, Klippan Kulturfastigheter
Product sheet