Klippan offices

Near the southern bridgehead of the Älvsborgsbron bridge lies the district of Klippan, an area characterised by old industrial buildings which have now been converted into offices, homes and hotels to a greater or a lesser extent. Although this area is a cultural reserve, Klippan kulturfastigheter – owner of the buildings – wanted to continue developing and consolidating the area. Semrén & Månsson was commissioned to design an office block which was also intended to act as a point of entry to the area.

Traditional brick, offset dormer windows, slotted windows and balconies that bring life to the facade are just some of the ingredients of the property, where tradition meets modernism. The building is like a contemporary variant of an elderly neighbour that can be seen just to the south of the office block. The shape, volume and roof pitch are the same, but the new building is otherwise a modern companion for its older neighbour. The windows of the office block are placed in horizontal bands against the black brick, and the large dormer windows are glazed. The northern end of the building is made entirely of glass so as to provide the widest possible views of the river. Inside, internal stairs link the various floors, which in turn are designed to allow offices of various sizes as well as open plan solutions to be implemented.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
1 600 m²
Klippan kulturfastigheter
Product sheet