Principal St Petersburg Renovation has taken on the enormous task of altering accommodation for ordinary people in St Petersburg, with a programme involving millions of square metres of new construction over the next few years which is aiming to maintain an international standard far beyond that of the regular buildings being constructed in the city at present. They are consulting international architects only. Kolpino is our first project for this client, and their opinion of our presentation of our programme documentation were: "Perfecto".

Our basic concept for Kolpino was to create buildings which are as rational as possible, and to work with repeated modules for apartment solutions and supply services. To achieve this rational approach in façades while also ensuring plenty of variation, we devised a "toolkit" containing a number of different kinds of windows, balconies, eaves, bases and colours. We mixed these in various ways and so managed to achieve a very varied street where residents can easily recognise their own unique building from among all the buildings nearby, even though the modules behind the façades were identical. The master plan for Kolpino was created by Johannes Tovatt from Sweden, and the project covers a total area of 110 000 m2. We will be starting work on the rest of the area in autumn 2013.

Project architect
Maria Broman
Gross area
35 000 m²
St Petersburg Renovation