A seemingly deserted and fairly ugly blasted rock face used to be visible on Kronhusgatan in Västra Nordstaden. We started thinking about how we could enhance the value of the location from an urban construction standpoint. It would be possible to complete the beautiful urban space around Kronhuset and Kronhusbodarna by placing an angular building around the rock. This idea was developed together with SGS, Stiftelsen Göteborgs Studentbostäder, and the present solution was devised through a series of workshops with architects from the Gothenburg City Planning Department.

This building will comprise 56 student rooms, most of them 32 m2 in area, with one room and a kitchenette. At the top of the building, there will also be a few duplex apartments 45 m2 in area, with their own terrace.

The outer edge of the rock has been removed, providing an opportunity to construct a climate-protected walkway on the inside of the angular building. The surface of the rock has been machined by means of contour drilling, and the surface – illuminated by ground spotlights – makes these walkways an exciting feature of the entrance area. The remaining rock can be reached via footbridges from the system of walkways and acts as an outdoor area. A rock shelter was already sited in the rock. This will be accommodated in the new building, although this made the project more complicated. 

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
3100 m²
SGS Studentbostäder
Product sheet