KTH Student Accommodation

In collaboration with property owner Einar Mattsson AB, Semrén & Månsson has developed a residential project called Kvarteret Forskningen. The project consists of 300 apartments for student housing with a focus on innovation and sustainability. The space-efficient student accommodations are located on a hill on the campus of KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) with stunning views over the city of Stockholm. The buildings are large-scale plus-energy houses where heat recovery, downhole heat exchangers, and strategically placed solar-panels contribute to a financially sustainable system for long-term management.

The inspiration for the buildings’ design is drawn from the surroundings with its precipice, bare cliff and rock surface. Due to the broken shape of the buildings, the shifting nuances of stacked concrete elements and shifted window sills, the buildings give a somewhat sculptural impression. This is reinforced by a variety of deep, shallow and angled niches which add depth to the concrete structures. Furthermore, the spaces between the buildings are an essential part of the project's character. These empty spaces perfectly frame the view and the sky while simultaneously make room for social interactions outdoors.

Kvarteret Forskningen has a strong, innovative profile, and the goal is to get certified as 'Miljöbyggnad Gold'. A research and innovation environment called 'KTH Live-in-Lab' is located on the ground floor of one of the buildings. This space consists of apartments, in which students are living, and is remodeled every year to facilitate the research on systems, technology, lifestyle, and behaviors. Semrén & Månsson is, besides being the architects of the buildings, also partners in the process of developing the lab.

Project architect
Lena Fagle
Gross area
6 500 m²
Einar Mattsson