Kv Masten

The Masten housing cooperative is located in Eriksberg but is just 200 metres from the edge of the quay. The buildings are austere yet playful. The two buildings are in contrasting colours and have irregular window placements. The balconies with their transparent fronts are freely located and face the mountain. The coloured tones are derived from the surrounding area.

This building has a welcoming entrance which resembles a kind of lobby. People can meet their neighbours, pick up their post and even have a quick rest here. The atmosphere is serene, with views across to the mountain and water that reflects the light that finds its way down to the ground floor. The laundry room is also located at entrance level, so making it both secure and pleasant. A shop on the ground floor reinforces the urban nature of the area.

The black building ends at the top with a large shared terrace with views over the entrance to the harbour. Plants and screens divide the area into smaller elements and provide space for both company and solitude. Next to the terrace is also a communal area with a well equipped kitchen.

The Masten district includes fifty-five apartments of varying sizes. Most apartments have two balconies, and the homes on floor ten have their own roof terraces. Entire apartments can be viewed from the hallway, and the open plan layouts provide views and allow you to view all round the apartments.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
6 000 m²
Product sheet