Kv Tullen 8

The Tullen block is in a central location on the north side of Stortorget in Kungsbacka. The "Brända Tomten" (or Burnt Site), as it is known, has remained empty since the traditional old timber building "Gamla Gästis" burned down in 2006. After the fire, the office participated in a parallel commission for the private developer and since then has developed a detailed plan for the site.

Building at Kungsbacka torg is a task which is both interesting and entails responsibility. We approached this architectural issue by combining modern timber architecture with detailing based on the traditional values of the wooden town. Well-made details in the design of the façade allow this building to blend in while also retaining a modern feel in the delicate environment. The building will be home to shops and other services on the ground floor, as well as 17 housing cooperatives over three floors above the shops. Timber panels painted light grey in sharp relief, with niches of an ochre colour for balconies and French doors, will adorn the façade. The shops on the ground floor will be framed by oak sections. Cubic corner motifs made of oak and glass will top off the corners facing the square. The gable roof will be banded with rebated zinc. The design of the inside facing the courtyard will be simpler, as is traditional, with smooth panelling and white windows. The homes will be accessed from the courtyard via three stairwells. On floor 4, three larger attic apartments will be accessed directly via the lift, and in the corner motifs the corner apartments will have glazed terraces. Stortorget will be redeveloped in the spring of 2012.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
2 500 m²
HB Tullen 8, Skanska AB
Product sheet