Semrén & Månsson has worked on the city block Juvelkvarnen in Eriksberg since the early 2000’s. A transformational process was initiated when the former industrial site was to be redesigned to residential housing. Two of the grand brick buildings, ’Kvarnen’ and ’Silon,’ originally designed by the city architect Per Lennart Håkansson, has already been re-designed and turned into apartments. The early 1900’s warehouse 'Magasinet' is the final building that is now being converted into residential housing.

The initial idea for Magasinet was, just as with Kvarnen and Silon, to preserve the existing wall and carefully restore according to need. However, the walls on the Magasinet were constructed differently, and unfortunately too damaged to save. A substantial reconstruction process began; the facade was dismantled, the original structural frames were demolished and replaced, and the façade then regained its original brick, arches, anchor plates, and forgings. The challenge was to combine the classic craftsmanship with the modern methods of industrial construction.

Today, behind its reconstructed facades, Magasinet houses 119 condominiums ranging from studios to 3 bedroom apartments. In the entrances, the residents are met by raw concrete walls, embellished with graphical etching of stylized cereal to be reminded of the history of the ’Magasinet’ (Warehouse) and its original business. The simplified and raw look represents an exciting contrast to the rich embellishment on the exterior brick façade.

Gross area
12000 m²