Mölnlycke Centrum

Mölnlycke Centrum is in an outstanding location in the municipality of Härryda, between Gothenburg and Landvetter. This area has undergone very rapid development of late, and its growth is expected to continue in years to come as well. Semrén & Månsson has devised a proposal for consolidation of Mölnlycke Centrum via a parallel contract.

In the first phase, a route in a north-south direction will be devised which passes through central Mölnlycke, with buildings at either end for orientation. Pavilions will be constructed along this route which will provide space for a market, café and information about the new "EKO route". The adjoining building structure will be supplemented with energy-efficient homes for mixed generations. In the middle of this new section is the existing Ekdalaskolan school, which will be integrated by means of a new link building. This will allow the school building to be passed while also maintaining all activities. The ground floor of the buildings south of Råda Torg will house commercial premises. Råda Torg will be underpinned as a centre, a hub and a through route. The ambition with this proposal is to create attractive environments offering mixed functions for a variety of generations.

The second phase will work on the basis of the first and develop a centre with a block structure and various types of building in terms of form and function. The car park will be moved in part to a basement garage. This will provide space for courtyard design and pleasant places for play and leisure activities. This project represents structural consolidation as a future vision for a new identity.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
35 000 m²
Municipality of Härryda
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