Mölnlycke Fabriker

A collective vision for the eastern part of central Mölnlycke is based on developing, condensing and linking together the area in order to create a pleasant, secure and sustainable town. Ecologically, socially and economically.

This is a historically significant environment which can bring a new, unique dimension to Mölnlycke and its residents. This vision has three interacting main elements. The Mölnlycke fabriker factory environment will be refined, developed and supplemented with homes, more activities and a public sports hall with associated training halls. A natural link will be created between the present centre and Mölnlycke fabriker by placing homes on the car park of Hulebäcksgymnasiet. The present car park will be moved and help to create a barrier to the railway and a better environment near to and around Massetjärn. Wendelsbergsparken and Massetjärn will be able to form a town park which links central Mölnlycke in its entirety and underpins its attractiveness. Better footpaths and cycle paths, park benches, etc. will be arranged, and new, smaller buildings will be created, such as a jetty café, around Massetjärn. A comprehensive, exciting and unique unit is now developing in combination with the strategic development work initiated by the municipality of Härryda for central Mölnlycke.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
40 000 m²
Wallenstam AB
Product sheet