Neva Park

When we were commissioned to create an urban plan for the 10 ha of space in Rybatskoe on the banks of the Neva river, we wanted to create an area with lots of variation despite its large scale, and with a theme indicating that everyone could enjoy the good life. It was all a matter of building a new way of life here! There is major emphasis on people and clear qualities in the local area.

People enter the area via a magnificent gateway between tall character buildings and then enter the large boulevard that crosses through the area down to a local area and marina on the waterfront. This boulevard is lined with tall buildings with attractive shops, restaurants and other services on the ground floor. The rest of the area is made up mainly of a block structure where the blocks either face inwards towards the large public park, or else they face outwards towards the magnificent, wide Neva river. The blocks in the inner parts of the area are low-scale, while the high-rise buildings can be found along the exclusive line of the river. The point is that everyone should have access to a wonderful local environment even if they do not own apartments in the most luxurious part of the area.

Project architect
Maria Broman
Gross area
200 000 m²
Vitaly Yakubovich