New Hovås

In September 2010, Semrén & Månsson was invited to attend a workshop relating to the development of the area around Brottkärrsmotet. The proposal focuses on the express ambition of the in-depth overview plan to develop the area around the Origo building – what used to be the Kodak building – to provide a new local centre for the districts of Askim and Hovås.

The conditions are favourable as effective trading is already established in the area. Adding new types of homes which are not currently found in the area, along with extended services in the form of a cultural centre/library and a school/nursery, plus new shops and offices, will pave the way for creation of a viable hub with a strong social life.

The existing Billdalsvägen will be the main street in the area. A new district structure will be laid along this street, some four to six storeys high and with a shop storey at street level. The area to the north of the main street will mainly be taken up with housing, while the area on the south side, together with the Origo building, will form an area with more trade, services and offices. The Krogabäcken stream, which runs through the area, has been streamlined and made more accessible, with terraces down to the stream channel which will flow past not far from the district and form a lively park and waterway in this ordered environment. The park will be enlarged towards the southern part of the area so as to encourage play and recreation. The ambition is to create a unique, individualised urban environment with strong, clear variations which will offer personalised living for all generations and people in many different situations.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
80 000 m²
HSB, Next Step Group
Product sheet