New Kompassen

Semrén & Månsson was invited to participate in a parallel commission to provide proposals for how the Kompassen shopping centre in the heart of Gothenburg could be extended to include new office premises. The task included developing a new extension of office space on the roof of the existing building and reviewing existing façades and the commercial attraction of the building in general.

Important elements of the task involved interpreting and remaining within the existing detailed plan so that detailed design could commence quickly. The concept for the extended top floor is simple. All development rights are taken, which is why we cut out a varied façade line in the plan. This creates both an undulating terrace around the entire building and a varied façade line and dynamics in the interior. In its turn, the terrace functions as an escape route, which allows us to use the existing stairwells without having to construct new ones. The tall extension permits the use of mezzanine floors, which can be varied in size according to requirements. This means the new office premises will be very flexible. For the existing, slightly hard and simple façade, we are choosing to open up the narrow alley through the district and place our emphasis on this. People should be attracted to this alley, this is where "things" will happen. The land and façades are being designed according to a collective concept and pattern, and visitors will feel as though they are indoors, feel at home.

Semrén & Månsson was awarded the commission of carrying out detailed design for the office extension on the roof of the building, and planning permission has now been granted. Work on the shop levels in the building is awaited as the property owner is investigating a major approach involving the entire building, which may also include the rest of Fredsgatan down towards 'Nordstan'.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
2 000 m²
Product sheet