Östra Sannegården

Östra Sannegården is a newly constructed residential area to the west of Lindholmen. The old quay is now mainly home to condominiums. We designed rented apartments for Familjebostäder in this area.

These apartments have an open floor plan, with good contact with the outside world. In most of the apartments, the kitchen, dining area, living room and outdoor area form a single unit, with glass sections from floor to ceiling providing a minimal barrier to balconies and terraces.

In most cases, the balconies are recessed in the building so as to provide shelter and privacy. The railings are made of dark grey aluminium profiles and glass, ensuring good views from the apartments.

The architecture is linked with general concept of light, buildings in plaster around Sannegårdsbassängen. The topmost recessed storey is also plastered. Above the terraces, residents are shielded from the sun by slats made of larch. The windows and glazing are made of painted timber on the inside and aluminium painted grey on the outside. The entrance doors and the doors to the apartments follow this theme and are surfaced with birch.

This project is structured around fairly strict geometry and modularisation, with plenty of repetition. This has made the project very economical and permits a relatively high standard to be maintained even for apartments for rent.

Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
7 900 m²
Product sheet