Patriam Gärdet

Semrén & Månsson has designed 36 well-planned apartments in Gärdet in Stockholm together with the developer Ebab. The plot has an attractive location between the old courthouse and an urban area with a functionalist design, directly connected to Nationalstadsparken and downtown Stockholm. The building is inspired by the color schemes and materials of its surroundings, and through a modern interpretation, it will blend in perfectly with nearby buildings and green areas.

The building is one-of-a-kind, offering its residents a conservatory, laundry room in the apartments, wine cellar, car lift to the underground parking floor, and a communal rooftop terrace. All features which enhances the day-to-day life of the residents. A footbridge leads over the rocky knoll between the trees into the entrance hall and on to the apartments.

The project meets a growing interest and awareness of living in a climate-smart building in between nature and the city and is certified according to 'Miljöbyggnad Gold', which, among other things, means low managing- and energy costs, sustainable choices of materials and the ensuring of a comfortable indoor climate. The floor plan and design of the façade is the result of a close collaboration with a certified environmental consultant, and are based on solar studies, and energy- and daylight calculations.

Project architect
Lina Wågström
Gross area
5000 m²