There was extensive discussion on how best to utilise the old porcelain factory in the future. A number of proposals have been compiled for the building and the rest of the site. The factory is of value as a industrial relic, and so the proposals have been based on preservation of the building to varying extents. The location in the city is attractive, close to Hjalmar Brantingplatsen and its services, shops and range of cultural features. The area is also directly next to Kvillebäcken.

After a fire at the porcelain factory, the Building Committee made the decision to permit demolition of the existing building and the investigation into homes/student accommodation began.

The aim of the project is to create attractive, inexpensive homes in an exciting design of high architectural quality. The winding shape of the buildings will create variation and provide various views of the city and the area surrounding the water. The lower structure will be terminated with a building seventeen storeys high, with views across much of the city.

Kvillestaden, Göteborg
Project architect
Magnus Månsson
Gross area
16 000 m²
Product sheet